Hello, 2017. I've got big(ish) plans for you.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

This is probably one of my favorite times of the year, every single year. It's cold, rainy and gross here in Charlotte, but today is all about setting goals and starting fresh, so I'm 100 percent here for it. And this is one of my goals: Getting back into blogging. 

If you've been around for a while, you know that I was very into blogging during my first two years of college, but as I got more involved with my student newspaper and actually tried to pass my classes, the blogging dropped off. Then I tried to pick it up again earlier in 2016, and I honestly couldn't tell you what I was thinking because I was working 50 to 60 hours a week on top of a full class load and did not have time for more commitments.

But I like to stay busy! So we'll try it again in 2017. 

2016 was a wildly awful year as a whole, and it's only fitting that it was a big year for me personally. I feel a little guilty about celebrating my great year since the rest of 2016 went up in smoke, so I'll keep my highlights short.

I graduated from college. Yeah, that was pretty great. I graduated with my degrees in journalism and political science, and I fainted at my graduation ceremony. Keeping things memorable since 1993.

I went on the best vacation/adventure, ever, hands down. San Francisco was incredible. Pat and I had a great time exploring and adventuring around the city, and we saw everything we could've wanted to see. We ate a lot of sourdough bread and spent quality time with the sea lions, and I wish we'd never left.

I got a job. I was pretty certain I'd end my internship in Charlotte unemployed and a little lost, mostly because I've read way too many young adult finding yourself novels in my 23 years. But I was blessed with a job that I started as soon as my internship was over, and I've already been at it for four months!

Read. Pat signed me up for the Book of the Month Club for Christmas and bought me Lauren Graham's book as well, so I'm ready to read. 
  • Goal: I will read one book a week, or 52 books in 2017.
  • Goal: I will read 30 minutes every day.
  • Goal: I will finish the Game of Thrones books before the next TV season is released.
  • Goal: I will read a classic novel that I've avoided until now. (There are a lot to choose from!)
Write. As I explained earlier, blogging is one of my 2017 resolutions – because I want to write a little bit every day, especially now that I'm not in school where writing felt like a total chore. I love blogging and love writing, and it is so important to me that I sit down and write a little bit every day. 
  • Goal: I will blog at least twice a week.
  • Goal: If I don't blog that day, I will journal instead. 
  • Goal: I will participate in NaNoWriMo in November, and I will finish.
  • Goal: I will review the books that I read.
  • Goal: I will take more photos with my DSLR.
  • Goal: I will learn hand lettering. (There's a great book I'm eyeing on Amazon!)
  • Goal: I will take a SkillPop class the next time I'm able to in Charlotte. (Maybe for handlettering?)
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