how am I supposed to choose from these amazing new Stella arrivals?

Friday, January 06, 2017
I started a fun little adventure as a Stella and Dot stylist in the fall, and I've been a hobbyist more than anything. I'm still a hobbyist, so I try not to make huge investments in samples when new stuff comes out, but... 

The necklace on the far left is the Carla Tassel Necklace. It's coming to live with me. The leather tassel is so perfect.

But what else do I need? I don't actually have an engravable piece yet, so I thought about adding one to my collection. It's a Stella and Dot classic! 

Everything is amazing, right?! I have to say, I want it all.

I think I am going to snag an engravable bar, the Carla tassel and ... who knows what else with my $200 StyleFix – an amazing perk of hitting my goal last quarter, and I can't wait to bump my goal up to earn my $500 StyleFix this quarter! 
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