January 2017 Stitch Fix review

Monday, January 09, 2017
I've been getting a Stitch Fix about once a month since October, and this is my fourth month. It was hands down the worst month I've received, and I've only really been thrilled with my entire Fix once in the four months I've received it. The other three times, I at least had one piece I wanted to keep (two snuggly sweaters that I love and wear on the reg, if you were wondering) but this time, I'm struggling to decide if I want to keep anything.

Disclaimer: I usually enjoy my Fix way more than this. I promise, I'm not usually this critical.

Here's my box. It's always a nice sized box, great packaging, and they send a huge USPS flat rate bag to mail everything back in.

If you've never heard of Stitch Fix, I'm probably making it sound really iffy, but I've heard mostly good things from the people who've subscribed longer. Essentially, it's a clothing subscription service – it has men, women and maternity styles – and you subscribe for a box and pay for the items you decide to keep, return the ones you do not. Your styling fee is $20, and if you keep items from the box, your styling fee goes towards the total. Anything you don't want, you drop in the flat rate bag they give you and drop it off at the post office. Quick and easy.

If you keep all five items in your box, you'll get a 25 percent discount. How I look at that: If you LOVE four items and are meh on the fifth, keep all five because you save money in the end. That fifth item is more than likely free. That's how I ended up with another pair of booties that I love now that I've worn them for a while.

I requested my box for January 9, but their shipping is super duper fast and I received on Friday, which was within two days of receiving my tracking number.

What I asked for: I need a few work basics for any newsroom visits I have this year, and I have no black pants. I asked for simple blouses and sweaters and black pants – and I specified that the last pair was WAY too long for me. 

Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant, $78 | No, no, no, no, no. I received this exact pair of pants in my last fix and gave them this exact review that I'm giving them now. They were just as long and incredibly tight, and you cannot tell me these look like dress pants. Yes, they are decently comfortable, but I'd have to cuff them or get them tailored to be the right length, and they are too tight for me to consider wearing them to work.

I didn't order a pair of NY & Co. ponte pants because the sale price ended before I decided to purchase. I didn't want to spend $40 on a pair of black pants, because I will wear black so rarely but do need at least one pair. Now, I realize $40 is a great deal for a pair of pants that fit properly.

Verdict: Returned

Papermoon Holden Scoop Neck Blouse, $38 | I like this blouse OK, but the sleeves are weird and the print, to me, is a little too juvenile. It doesn't really go with anything I have in my wardrobe, so it's out.

Verdict: Returned

Kaileigh Lieberman Lace Inset blouse, $48 | I have a similar top to this one, and I got it from Marshalls for $12.99. I am totally OK with spending more on my items I receive from Stitch Fix, because I expect a higher quality fabric. This fabric was thin and felt cheap, so I wasn't OK paying almost $50 for it. Love the purple, just need a little more substance.

Verdict: Returned

Market & Spruce Tristin Side Pleat Dolman Knit Top, $48 | I hadn't read the name of the item until after I tried it on, so now I know that it's not defective. I totally thought it was – one side has far more bunches than the other, and I don't really understand why. If I keep anything at all, I will keep this one. I had a few sweaters from American Eagle in my high school days in a similar style, and the knit is nice and light.

Verdict: Unsure

Pixley Abriella Waffle Knit Cardigan, $48 | I always assume that if there is a sweater in my Fix, I can keep at least one thing. I hated this one. Ugh it felt like it was made out of plastic. The sleeves are super long, also. No thank you.

Verdict: Returned

In all, I was really bummed with my Stitch Fix. The total value of all of the items was $260, and nothing in the box actually felt like the value attached to it. I'm really leaning towards returning everything, eating my styling fee and taking a break from Stitch Fix until the spring.
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