review: talking as fast as i can by lauren graham

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Date started: Jan. 1, 2017
Date finished: Jan. 4, 2017
Book 1/52 for 2017
My rating on Goodreads: ★★★★★

Patrick bought me Lauren Graham's memoir for Christmas, and I kind of knew he was going to get it for me because he's really good at stuff like remembering that Lauren Graham has a new book coming out before I realize it myself. Anyway, he got it for me for Christmas and I refused to open it until January 1 so I could count it towards my 2017 reading goal.

Talking as Fast as I Can was great. It was great. Great, great, great. Great.

I'm a fan of Gilmore Girls. Obviously. I've never watched Parenthood, but I suspect I'd love it if I took the time to watch it. But even if I've never watched Parenthood, I am a devoted fan of Lauren Graham, so I already knew everything about this book was going to appeal to me. And it did. Still a devoted fan.

1. This was a fast read, but enjoyably fast.

I love to read, and I love to really sink into a long book that takes all of my attention, but there is nothing wrong in my opinion with a book I finish quickly – especially if I enjoyed every second of it. I've read tons of books that I read quickly because I wanted to get them over with. This wasn't one of them.

2. She re-watched every episode of Gilmore Girls and devoted a chapter to her thoughts.

This, along with the chapter where she discussed the revival of Gilmore Girls, was my favorite part of Graham's book and I cried a lot. Happy, "She gets it!" kind of tears, not sad or anything. Just happy. I was happy to revisit some of my favorite moments and characters with my absolute favorite character, ever, in all of television.

3. It was just so great to know that your favorite character and the actor who plays her are the same person, really.

I've read a lot of listicles since I became a fan of Gilmore Girls and, you know, the internet was created. So I've read little fun facts about all of the characters – like the one about Alexis Bledel hating coffee and always drinking water or soda from her coffee mug instead. I get it. But I've always wanted to know if Lauren Graham was as Lorelai-ish as she seems. She thinks, talks, acts like Lorelai. She is Lorelai. I loved every second of it.
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