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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Every time I travel anywhere, I get a little ... aspirational with how many books I bring with me. For my week-long vacation in Nags Head, nothing was any different. I think I have eight books with me, total, but I'm thinking there are four best bets that I'll definitely finish before we get home on Sunday evening! 

I picked up The Shark Club when I went to Quail Ridge Books with a few of my work friends during our trip to Raleigh. I read the book flap and saw "shark" and was sold. Much like the main character, Maeve, I've always been weirdly obsessed with sharks. I'm not a shark researcher, unlike Maeve, but I'll be happy to lose myself in her life for a little while. And I'm sure most people would hesitate to read a story about sharks on a vacation at the beach – or maybe just ever. Oh well.

Absolutely everyone was reading Daughter of the Pirate King when it was released, and I wasn't super interested in it. But Patrick and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean and I was like, well, what the hell? Bring on the pirates. 

Of course, who isn't reading Always and Forever, Lara Jean now that it's finally out? I was totally uninterested in the first and second book in this trilogy, so I don't know why I think I'll feel any differently about Book #3, but I can't let it go unfinished. What if I miss out on something amazing? It's never happened before, but hey.

And Internet Famous is my ebook of the week. I got an advanced copy from Netgalley (and I think I'm already way behind on finishing it before its publishing date) and I try to read at least one of those galleys a week if I can. It's easier when I'm flying more often – I can blow through two or three galleys in one flight! I'm about halfway through this one, and I'm not wild about it for its substance. It's cute, and it's a little too fluffy – that makes it the perfect vacation read!


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