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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I'll show you my actual bullet journal spread whenever I finish up with my lined notebook and move into my graph notebook, but I did want to spend some time on what I consider necessary bullet journal supplies to get what I need to do done.

Moleskine Cahiers | I see absolutely no use in paying $19.95 for a Leuchtterm 1917 (or whatever those are) just because everyone else in the universe is using those to bullet journal. First, I prefer a lighter, smaller notebook for my bag when I travel, and second, having a notebook that I keep up with is a big enough pressure as it is – I try to prevent finishing only half of a notebook, but if I did abandon it halfway through, it'd be way worse to do that with a $20 notebook! Moleskine Cahiers are around $12 for a pack of 3, and there are 96 pages in each. They're thin softcover notebooks and each page is perforated so you can remove it if you want, but they aren't falling apart on me. I've been carrying one around in my carryon since early May and it's working perfectly. I am about done with it and I won't feel like I'm filling my house with my notes if I keep this notebook for reference.

Papermate Flair pens | The best pens ever. I have always been a little goofy about pens – I can't commit to one black pen to save my life, for example – but I have almost always used Papermate Flairs. Mostly for my bullet journal, I use Flairs for underlining or highlighting things, for headers or for things I need to draw attention to. Sometimes I will write full spreads with a Papermate Flair but it's thicker than my TUL. My fingers also hurt more when I use them.

6-inch ruler | This is a pretty easy one. Most people use metal but I got plastic so I don't run into any issues with my carryon. It was like $2 on Amazon, but it's helpful for drawing lines and laying out my spreads.

Master template geometric shape stencil | I use circles for tasks and triangles for appointments, both shapes I cannot draw worth a heck. I'd also like to do more idea mapping, so the larger shapes will be great for that!

TUL pens | I got a TUL pen reluctantly one day in Office Depot with my mom – she was going on and on about the pen, and I've never used one before, and she insisted that they wrote better than any other pen ever. Obviously, she was correct, these pens are great. They last forever and I just think they look nice. I actually have the white version with gold, rose gold, silver and bronze "finishes," and they are so classy. For pens. Idk.


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