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Monday, June 19, 2017
I'm not really one for trendy shoes – I was just talking to a friend about this – but I have a few pairs of shoes that are my summer go-tos and two pairs of shoes that I snagged at Nordstrom with a gift card that are carrying me happy and blister-free through this summer!

I am no fashion blogger but I definitely wanted to upgrade my shoe collection this summer. After all, you have to have the right shoes to go from running across an airport to walking into an office, all in the same day.

I do use affiliate links and will make money if you were to click or purchase one of these items!

My first and favorite pick: These suede cutoff sandals from Nordstrom are the BEST. I've worn them to work a hundred times, I almost always wear them on my flights (they're the largest out of the shoes I travel with, so I minimize bulk) and I've worn them to weddings and other events where I pretty much stand the entire time. They are the best. You can also get them from Target for a little cheaper – I am not sure if they will be just as comfortable but the reviews seem to say yes, they are.

I also snagged a nude pair of block heel Steve Madden sandals. These are similar, although I unfortunately can't find the exact right pair. I did have to wear bandaids with these, and still do, on the heels, but they don't rub my toes at all and are surprisingly comfortable walking around in all day. They took longer to break in than the above pair.

My Converse Shorelines are a life saver. I wear them all year round – and they're perfect for slipping on, since the back is elastic and the laces don't need to be tied – but they're especially great in the summer for walking Theo. I usually pull on sandals but when the grass is dewy or it's been raining, I hate wet toes and these hold up so well.

And, of course, my go to flip flops, the Tory Burch Miller. This was a huge splurge for me last year, but I don't need to replace these after a year of wearing these constantly. I probably wear flip flops for 8 months out of the year, living in North Carolina, and minus some scuffing on the front (I scuff every flip flop I've ever owned) and some discoloration on the heels from wear, these sandals are in great shape! 

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