5 5-minute things to do if you really need a breather today

Wednesday, July 05, 2017
Today, I wanted to talk about a few of the ways I try to take care of myself when I bite off a little bit more than I chew. If you're anything like me, you probably try to tackle 10 things at once, when you only have time and patience for maybe two of those things. I love the feeling of being productive and wiping my to do list clean, but I have to take 5 minutes here and there to take a few deep breaths, lower my heart rate and refocus my priorities. 

You'll notice what's absent – no social media, no email, no aimlessly scrolling through my phone or playing a game. I try to step away from technology for a few minutes when I need to refocus, and I recommend the same to you!

I'd love to hear your strategies, too!

Take your dog for a walk. Or go for a walk by yourself. Every time things get a little wacky, I take 5 minutes, leave my phone in the house and take Theo out for a quick walk around the apartment complex. I like that for five or so minutes, I focus entirely on Theo – does he need to potty, is he walking properly, does he behave well when he meets a new person or a dog? – and not on the immense to do list I left inside the house.

Drink a glass of water. Get up from your desk, fill a glass with water and drink the entire glass. Not only are you probably not drinking enough water, but this is a simple, easy task that clears your mind and can be done anywhere you are.

Fold laundry or make your bed. Maybe folding laundry isn't relaxing to most people, but both folding laundry and making the bed are easy, monotonous tasks that are probably low on your to do list but will need to get done eventually. You'll feel so much better to say, "Hey, I did this thing!" than you will if you keep pushing yourself to get stuff done.

Write down 10 things you're excited about. Whether that's the date night you've got planned or the delicious dinner you're about to make, give yourself a list of things to look forward to. I love doing this in my bullet journal – I can look back on it whenever I need a little push, and just writing some happy things down brings me back to center.

Call your mom. OK, this is the only one where technology is required, but you aren't staring at a screen. You don't have to call your mom, necessarily, although I usually will – call your dad, or your significant other, or your child, or your best friend. Call one person who will have something good to say when they pick up on the other end – not someone who will have a laundry list of complaints, but a funny story or great news or something interesting they saw on Buzzfeed to share with you. 


What are your strategies for taking a breather and refocusing?


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