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Monday, July 24, 2017
Happy Monday, everyone!

I can't believe how quickly and chaotically last week came and went, but suddenly, we were packing and moving to our new apartment in Durham, N.C.! We have new furniture, new picture frames, new bathroom mats... and the same dog. Our apartment is so much bigger than our old place, and it's been a wild weekend of unpacking, building IKEA furniture and trying not to think about all of the stuff I still have in storage.

But one of the best parts of this new apartment business has been, hands down, shopping for new things for our apartment! I am very thrifty when it comes to spending money on things I don't need – and, really, things that I do need – but I knew that I wanted to really settle into our first apartment and make it ours. I've put a little bit of money aside for new decor that I might normally spend on clothes, etc. Not a bad tradeoff! I'm pretty pleased.

Right away, I knew we needed to upgrade our bedding. Pat has a great Nautica comforter that is navy and white striped, so I wanted to go with those colors. We got an amazing bedroom set from Haverty's that is a gorgeous grey wood with black fixtures, so I wanted to do navy and grey bedding – it's worked out perfectly so far! Grey is my favorite color, if you couldn't tell. I found these affordable and cute white pillow shams with navy detail on Amazon and think they will definitely brighten up our bed. And hey, Theo will enjoy chewing on them, too. I also grabbed these grey throw pillows and might snag a yellow throw pillow, too, to give the room a pop of color. 

I also have been dying to upgrade our blankets and throws. We are blanket people and always have to have a few that we keep in the living room. We have a few fleece blankets that have gotten a little worse for wear post-Theo, so I've been on the lookout for affordable, snuggly throws. Especially since our apartment is colder than cold. I could not believe this grey rose pattern throw blanket was under $20! And it's so soft. Theo won't stop trying to eat it.

And of course I finally got the bookshelf of my dreams. Just a note: It's way more expensive if you order it from Amazon and shipping from IKEA is 1) expensive AF and 2) a little dicey, in my opinion. So, if at all possible, I recommend making the trip to an IKEA near you to buy the bookshelf in person. And don't be like me – unfortunately, this bad boy comes in TWO heavy boxes. Don't make it halfway to checkout and only have one.

I also upgraded our wall game. We didn't hang anything on the walls in our Charlotte apartment because we knew a move was only five minutes away at any given time. Luckily for me, one of my uber talented friends from college does gorgeous handlettering + typography and she was willing to do a few custom printables for me! I haven't printed/framed them yet but I am so excited to get them up on the walls.


That's all from our little corner of Durham for now! Once we're all unpacked, or at least have most of our stuff hidden from public view, I'll take a few pictures of my nonexistent home decor skillz at work.


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