my four favorite pens (and markers) for any occasion

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I love office supplies, but there's a special place in my heart for pens. I'm the girl who gets more excited about Papermate Flairs being on sale for Prime Day than anything in the clothing department. I consider myself a pen expert, because I write a lot by hand – in my planner, in my bullet journal, on sticky notes, on the backs of pieces of paper that are probably important. I just love handwriting and have always been very passionate about pens!

Below are my four favorite pens (well, one is a marker) that I love to use pretty much any time. I also have some honorable mentions that are pretty good! 

Note: I haven't tried a lot of the really popular bullet journaling pens, markers and highlighters – like Midliners or Stabilo fineliners. These are my favorites out of what I have tried. 

Oh, and hey, this post contains affiliate links! If you click or make a purchase, I'll make a little money off of it. Clickety click! 

Staedtler Fineliners | I bought a huge pack of these during senior year when I first thought about bullet journaling. I never actually committed to the meticulous note-taking, but I liked these for drawing lines, adding small elements to my planner or notebook and for writing in cramped spaces, like the grid in my Moleskine Cahier notebooks. I do not write a lot with these, unless I am trying to write very small, because I don't like how the nib writes with my handwriting. I do love the shape of the pen and the colors available!

TUL retractable gel pens | I wasn't sold on these pens but my mom swears by them, so I picked one up and fell in love. I really love the white and gold version, but they appear to be sold out, so I linked to the plain old black and grey pens. They write so smooth, last forever and don't ghost onto the pages of my Moleskine. These are my go-to pens for pretty much anything.

Papermate Flair | I have so many of these, it is actually crazy. They were on an amazing sale on Prime Day but I have so many, I didn't need to make my habit any worse. These pens are great. I love all the colors and they are great for handlettering, regular writing and note-taking and pretty much anything else you could need them for. I have been using Flairs for longer than any other pen. They are my Number One. My ride or die pen!

Crayola Supertips | This is a new-found love, but these markers are awesome for pretty much everything! I prefer to write in black ink but like little pops of color – these are great and so affordable! My Staedtler Fineliners are a little light and so thin that they don't really provide a great pop, but the Supertips are perfect. AND you can get 100 markers for $18. I got a 20-pack for only $5 and change. It's a great deal, and if they dry up or I lose one, I won't feel terribly guilty. (Like I do with some of my other pens!

My honorable mentions...
Pilot G2 retractable gel pens. These pens got me through high school! I had the best notes in AP Chemistry and it was because of these pens.
BIC Cristal pens. These are great for basic pen needs and they last forever. I loved them when I was a waitress and still use them now!


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