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Friday, July 07, 2017

This week has been so super weird. I am not a huge fan of the holiday interrupting the work week, and even though I was so productive on Monday, I was the opposite of productive on Wednesday, the day after the holiday. Wednesday basically felt like Monday. Not a fan. Anyway – here's what I was up to this week.

We got some great news on Thursday. I can't and won't spill the beans online quite yet, but let me assure you that it is great and we are so, so, so excited for said beans.


So much blog work. I redesigned the vibe a little and added more Pale Dogwood (one of my favorite Pantone colors of the spring!) and new social media buttons. I also started up a Facebook page for my blog – if you're interested in following me, you can find me here. My next step: Adding an email subscription option (should I do a full newsletter once a week or a daily email with a new post?)


Theo went to the vet for his very last shot until next year! Thank the lord, because these monthly vet bills were breaking me. He cheerfully sprinted into the vet (our dog is weird) and got his shot, then he sprinted back out and cheerfully rode in the car with us to Starbucks. He doesn't ask for much. He was terribly un-photogenic during this trip, unfortunately, so I have no photo documentation (other than a gorgeous picture of him trying to leap out of my arms and break my wrists.)

I tried to meal plan this week... (I swear we ended up buying more than just brownie brittle, ground beef and water. There were lots of potato chips and frozen pizza purchases, too.) I want to blog about my go to meals that we keep on hand – basically, a ton of Mexican food – so stay tuned for that. We made Trader Joe's orange chicken on Monday and tacos on Thursday, and we grabbed JJ's Red Hots on Tuesday and ate at TopGolf with a gift card we had on Wednesday. A happy food week.


What Chopped judge are you? I took this Buzzfeed quiz and found out that I am my idol, Alex Guarnaschelli. We watch Food Network more than anyone else on the planet, considering we don't really know how to cook, and Alex is my favorite Chopped judge and my favorite Iron Chef. And if you're wondering, my pick for Next Food Network Star is Matthew. Haters be damned.


What I'm reading this week...
The Song of the Current - I started this book a couple of days ago and am having a lot of trouble getting into it. It's just... meh. I'm not sure. I'm not wild about it.
Lord of Shadows - I preordered this because I loved the first book in the series and knew I would dive into the sequel. But... It's been a slowburner so far. Lots of action, but there's a lot going on all over the place.


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