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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Ever since I started my job last August (woah, LAST AUGUST?!) I have been trying to master my morning routine and be as productive as possible in the mornings. Let's be clear: It has not gone well. When I lived at home with my parents in the fall, it was a lot easier to wake up at a reasonable time, but I would get distracted with Lularoe or Daisy or talking to my mom instead of getting started on my day.

Now that Patrick is waking up and going into his office for work, I actually have something helping me get out of bed, too. I like to start my day with Patrick whenever I can, especially if he's going to be gone for a while, and I usually get his lunch ready and help him get his stuff together when I can.

What I want to avoid is what happened on Tuesday – I woke up late for Theo's vet appointment at 9 a.m., ran out of the house with Theo after showering super fast and throwing on clothes and didn't eat anything or drink any water before I got to the vet. My body reacts to dehydration and low blood sugar pretty dramatically – I am prone to fainting. I had a spell in the vet's office while the vet was doing Theo's bloodwork; thankfully, I had my sugar pills and got a cool, wet paper towel to put on my face until I started to feel like myself again. But if I was waking up on time and establishing a real morning routine, I would've eaten breakfast already and that would not have happened.

Here's what I want to integrate into my morning routine, so I am all warmed up mentally and ready to start my workday by 9:30 a.m.


• Pick out my clothes for the day, if I have somewhere I need to be or a call where people will see me
• Pack Patrick's lunch and make sure there is something in the kitchen for breakfast and lunch for me
• Clean up Theo's toys, the kitchen, the dining room table, the living room, etc.
• Plug in my computer, iPad and phone
• Put away any clean laundry
• Block out time commitments, meetings and other events in my bullet journal


• Wake up at 8 a.m.
• Shower, brush my teeth and get dressed before 9:30 a.m.
• Open the blinds and make the bed
• Eat a protein-packed breakfast, not just a granola bar
• Start promoting my blog – posting in Facebook groups, scheduling my Facebook posts and Pins, shooting Instagram photos
• Read for 15 minutes while I eat breakfast


Want to download a printable to help you establish your morning routine? Follow this link!

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