My goals for August

Friday, August 04, 2017


Read 6 books. Well. Not so much, unfortunately. I read two books the last week of July, but I needed a book cleanse after reading so many books in June. I read five books in one week.

Blog 12 times.  Done! It was so great to get back in the blogging game and try to take it seriously in July. I think I blogged at least twice a week, and now I'm trying to get back to posting five times a week. I know. I don't move slowly.

Sell 50 Lularoe pieces a week with Mom. We fell a little short of our goal because Mom and I both were out of town or busy with personal life things, but I think August will be way better! 

Reach 500 Instagram followers. This was probably too aggressive, considering I just started my Instagram at the end of June, but I have 235 followers now! I started July with about half that, so I'm happy with my growth.


Read 3 books. I'm toning it down a little in August – 6 books was a little too aggressive for July, and I know that August will not be any quieter than July was. We are still unpacking and, as you'll see below, I still have a storage unit to empty.

Blog 20 times. I am already well on my way! I've blogged every day in August so far, so if I keep that up, I'll easily post 20 times this month. I really do love blogging and don't look at it like work – whenever I do, I ease up on posting until I feel good about it. I also want to write up some evergreen posts to have whenever I have little inspiration!

Empty my storage unit. Ahhhhh. I have had all of my belongings in a storage unit since May of last year. LAST YEAR! My Hunter boots! My paintings! My book collection! Most of my kitchen supplies! I could cry. I am so excited to get my things back.

Cook dinner at home 5 nights a week. Pat and I have always, always, always been terrible about eating out. We are prioritizing eating at home whenever possible, and once I get all of my pans and pots and utensils from storage, I will be good to go. I already made a delicious pesto chicken bake!


What are your goals for August? How'd you do on your July goals?


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