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Saturday, August 05, 2017
I wanted to take a minute to tell y'all what I am absolutely loving this week. I have been so totally productive all week long (which has been amazing) and I hope I can carry my productivity through the weekend and start unloading my storage unit! Maybe!

I do use affiliate marketing in this post, but only to feature items and products that I really love! If you click on a link and/or make a purchase, I'll make a little money on my end – but really, is that so bad?

1. How did I not know that Post-Its makes black sticky notes? With metallic Sharpies, these are SO cute. I grabbed a pack of both as an impulse purchase from Target this week because I am nothing if not an impulse shopper. I am using them to stick important reminders, dates, events, etc. on the fridge, so Patrick knows what's coming up on my schedule and I know what's coming up on his, but I also took one pad and a marker into my office to make notes and lists while I work. I'm inspired already! I don't love black, but I love gold and silver! I'm having a ton of fun.

2. This isn't new to me, but I love the Stok cold brew coffee! You can grab it in pretty much any grocery store, near where they keep the juice and milk in the refrigerated section. One bottle of this cold brew coffee is enough for four days of coffee consumption for me – so, it basically takes away my need to go to Starbucks for four whole days! That saves me a ton of money because I can never resist going to Starbucks. I just mix it with skim milk and ice in my Corksicle cup. (similar here.) And because my Corksicle keeps it cold all day long, I don't have to worry about inevitably misplacing it and not finding it for four hours.

3. I love what I did with my office chair! I got this Poly and Bark Lucite chair from Amazon and then found a white faux fur rug from Target (similar here) for $20! You might think the chair would be uncomfortable since it's basically clear plastic, but it actually forms to my back perfectly and the arms are at a good height for me. And then the pelt adds a little padding to the back. I love sitting here and getting work done!

4. The Tasty app. I downloaded this free app that is essentially the app version of the very popular and addicting Facebook page, and OH MY GOODNESS. I've already tried two recipes from the app, and I check almost every day to add things to my repertoire. I love that you can search for 5 ingredients or less or 30 minutes or less recipes, and there are new recipes added almost every single day. I am definitely tackling this pesto chickpea snack salad next!

5. The Ringer's Game of Thrones podcast, Binge Mode, is so good it hurts. I don't really read anything else The Ringer does – sorry 'bout it – but LOVE everything about Binge Mode, which is their Game of Thrones recap and analysis podcast hosted by Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion. They are absolutely hysterical and bring up some great points and theories about each episode of GoT. If you aren't keeping up with the new season, I recommend watching GoT from the beginning and listening along to all of their podcasts, episode by episode. If only for the impeccable imitations.


What are you loving this week? Tell me your recommendations in the comments!


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