on my radar: what I'm loving and recommending this week

Friday, August 25, 2017
What a week. It started slow and sped up very quickly, right around when we took Theo to the vet to get fixed. He's finally asleep as I'm typing this, but after a dopey, sleepy, snoozy evening after his procedure, he has been totally amped up otherwise. The pain meds are supposed to have a sedative effect on the little guy... they don't.

1. I'm really excited to share with y'all the to do list template that I made for myself. I've been wanting a planner that would allow me to both have a to do list and a section for time-blocking, especially for when I'm traveling and my free minutes are priceless. I am going to blog about it next week because I am so pumped about this layout and think y'all will like it, too, so stay tuned. Just know it makes me FEEL more productive!

2. I already had a 20-pack of Crayola Super Tips that I ordered on Amazon, but when I was in Target this week and also in a foul mood – shocker – I used my best puppy dog eyes on Patrick and snuck the 50-pack into the shopping cart. They were only $6 in Target! I love these markers for my bullet journal, my planner and for just general writing and list making. I usually use Papermate Flair markers, but these are better for handlettering and doodling. Cheaper, too!

3. I have been eating yogurt more often than I usually do, and I've tried two different brands recently that I wanted to recommend. Oui by Yoplait might be the cutest little yogurt brand ever. The yogurt is fluffy and sweet and in these cute little glass jars. And then I tried Siggi's the other night because I had an ibotta rebate. Siggi's is a little more tart than Oui but still good – and there are a ton of flavors, too.

4. Look at this adorable burnt orange shirt I scooped up at Nordstrom Rack for less than $20. I can't find the exact one on the website but here's a similar top. And another one. I absolutely love ruffle sleeves and this orange color. And all the other fall colors out there, too.

5. Michael's has fall decor out! I grabbed some adorable white and turquoise pumpkins and cinnamon pine cones – just a few of my faaaavorite things – and can't wait for real fall to hit. I also thought these gold mason jars were just too adorable for words (and so I bought multiples.) Yay for fall!


What are you loving this week?


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