status update: here are a few sneak peeks into my home decorating project

Monday, August 07, 2017
I've been trying to make the most of my spare time and focus on unpacking, organizing and decorating our new apartment in Durham! Patrick and I both have never lived anywhere other than our parents' homes for more than nine months at a time, so it's a luxury to sign a 13-month lease and know that for at least 12 of those months, we will be right here in Durham. And hopefully for longer than that!

I use affiliate links in this post – but only for products or items that I love and really do recommend to you! If you click on these links and/or make a purchase, I might make a little money on my end.


I might be most proud of my work in the bedroom. We got the bedroom set from Haverty's (we got the upholstered queen bed, not storage; two nightstands; the dresser; and the gentleman's chest) and already had the navy comforter, which is a Nautica brand from Bed, Bath and Beyond. (Here it is on Amazon.) Then I ordered these shams for a steal and these throw pillow covers.

My sweet friend Emily from college is super talented and handlettered these prints for me. (If you want her to design custom prints for you, you can check out her Instagram!) I printed all of my prints out on my Shutterfly app, which might be the easiest thing in the universe to do (and I usually put off printing photos!) and framed them in cheap but cute white IKEA frames. Yes, those are Game of Thrones references. I'm the Mother of Pomeranian-German Shepherd-Husky mixes.

Still in progress: nightstand lamps, floor-length mirror

living room

I don't have a picture of our full setup yet because there are random boxes and papers all over the place, but I am definitely loving our couch from Haverty's! I spend way too much time curled up on the end of it (the end of the sectional is a cuddler and there's plenty of room for me, my laptop and, of course, my lapdog). We ended up buying two of these grey throws, but before the end of August, I would not be surprised if we had three. (Because one little floof likes to steal one for himself!)

We're going to hang our diplomas up in the living room too – along with Theo's puppy school diploma! – but have to get some hanging supplies first. I'd rather our diplomas not be as crooked as the prints in the bedroom. 

Still in progress: end tables and lamps! 

home office/guest room

I cannot tell you how excited I am about our home office/guest room! This is the room where we're stashing boxes and bags that are not yet unpacked, but I have enough room to make it to my desk, and there's enough space around it so that you don't see the big piles of boxes in my pictures. Hehe. I am so madly in love with my ghost chair and white faux fur pelt, and my white desk fits in the room perfectly. (Note: I would not buy this white desk if you're looking for a long-lasting piece that won't require painting or DIY-ing. I plan on spraypainting the legs gold and covering the top with marble contact paper in the future, because the paint that's already on the desk isn't flawless.)

And of course I have my 4x4 IKEA bookshelf! I can't find an Amazon equivalent but I recommend picking it up at an IKEA store if possible.

Still in progress: Air mattress for guests (We have a twin, but want a full or queen sized air mattress instead)


Still in progress: All of my kitchen stuff, sans a few dishes and pots and pans, are still in my storage unit. SOON!

dining room

I haven't taken pictures, but the dining room is mostly good to go, minus some trash and clutter that I've been pushing under or on top of the table. We got a high-top table from IKEA and two barstools, so that the table is high up enough that Theo can't torture us or grab food off of our plates. He's still torturing us, so we're half there.

Still in progress: This is where Pat is going to hang most of his sports stuff, and that is still in Asheville.

master closet

I can't wait to take pictures of how I've organized my closet! The closet has tons of shelves, which is just great, and it is absolutely enormous. Stay tuned!


OK, friends – I CANNOT decide what my favorite room of the house is! I am thinking I'm leaning towards our guest room – I can't get over that ghost chair + faux fur pelt combination. What is your favorite room in your house?


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