the 3 things I will splurge on (and 5 things I won't!)

Thursday, August 10, 2017
I work really hard on keeping myself to a budget – and it's not easy, because I get pulled in by J. Crew Factory's 40 percent off clearance sales like a moth to a light – and I got to thinking in the car back from Theo's vet appointment on Tuesday, "What are the things in my life that I consider worth splurging on, and what will I not splurge on?"



Hands down, Theo is worth all of my money in the world. I don't even want to think about how much money we've spent on this little guy since we got him, but it is beyond worth it. He is my precious child! The vet and I were going over the pricing for little man getting fixed this month, and every time she said, "This is optional but recommended" or "This is optional but makes them a little more comfortable" or "This is optional but some people like the extra reassurance" I said, "Yes. Please. All of the above." I will do whatever I can to make sure my little guy is happy and healthy.


I love buying gifts. Always have, always will, and I am known for going above and beyond for my loved ones. Patrick and I tried to limit each other to four gifts this past Christmas; I'm pretty sure I bought upwards of ten and tried to pass six of them off as stocking stuffers. It was a very large stocking. ;) I enjoy buying things for myself, sure, but honestly, there is nothing better in the world than buying a gift for someone.


From high school through college, I always got my hair cut at Great Clips – on the rarest of rare occasions that I got my hair cut at all. Now that I'm grown and ever since the first time I got it cut and colored by a real stylist at a real salon last fall, I am totally spoiled. I won't spend hundreds and hundreds on my hair every couple of weeks – I go every six to eight weeks for a cut or trim and Balayage color – but I will finally treat it the way I want it to look. I also have finally started buying quality shampoo that isn't full of chemicals and icky stuff that cause buildup in my hair. It's not cheap, but my hair loves me for it.



I love clothes. I mean, I really LOVE clothes, and I love having dozens of things to choose from in my closet. Let me assure you, I shop plenty. But I shop sales almost exclusively and worship outlet and factory stores. I use Shein and Amazon for my fast fashion trend pieces, and I ask for staple wardrobe necessities as gifts. I am sure that a time will come (or at least, that would be nice) where I can splurge on clothes from time to time, but right now, it's not worth it and I have no interest in it.


OK, yes, I did say I will spend anything necessary for Theo's health and happiness. Except for dog toys. Theo can and will destroy anything, so you won't see me buy new toys from Petco or Petsmart or a designer pet store (even though I do love those) for this vicious sabertoothed floof. Especially when you can snag amazing deals on dog toys at TJ Maxx, Marshalls or HomeGoods. (HomeGoods has THE BEST pet aisle.) My favorite toy brands are GoDog and Kong – I can get a toy that would be $12+ in a pet store for half that or less. 


I have very few brand allegiances – at least, not until I get burned. I almost always buy store brand or whatever brand is on sale in almost every occasion. Like I said, we got burned by store brand bottled water once, so we buy whatever name brand is cheapest or has the best sale, and there are a few other items where I won't buy a store brand anymore. But for the most part, I am super thrifty in the grocery store. Mom is helping me buy really nice spices from Penzey's, but that's about as much as I'll splurge on right now. And again, that's a gift!


I know, I know, I know. I am an avid reader, and I most certainly do purchase books – and often! But if I bought every book I read in a month, I'd be spending anywhere from $100 to $200 a month just on books. No thank you. I also preorder books that I'm excited about on Amazon, so I can get the best deal. (Sorry, local bookstores. I'm sorry. I love you!) I am a little wary of used books but I do always attend the Chapel Hill Library's quarterly big book sale to stock up on light reads that I can donate after I finish them. 


I love notebooks and pens more than anyone else in this world, but I refuse to buy a Leuchtterm 1917 notebook for my bullet journals – or any other high-priced office supply. Moleskine cahiers – an affordable, soft-cover version of Moleskine notebooks – are far more up my alley. If I can find a good sale, a coupon code or have a gift card, I might treat myself – that's how I got my Staedtler fineliners, for example. I go through office supplies so quickly – and have a pretty big stock of stuff already that I need to use up – that it's just not worth spending big bucks on anything. I used to always spend upwards of $50 on a planner every year, but I've almost entirely switched to a combo of Google Calendar, Trello and my bullet journal – and two of the three of those are totally free!


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What are you willing to splurge on? And what do you save on?


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