3 on Friday: what I'm loving and recommending this week

Friday, September 08, 2017
With Hurricane Irma on her way to really tear sh*t up this week, I can honestly say that I haven't been paying much attention to much of anything except Hurricane Irma. The photos of her aftermath on the Caribbean islands like St. Maarten are devastating. 

My parents do live on the coast of North Carolina, and I have a dear friend in Wilmington. Here in central NC, I'm less worried about the actual hurricane and more worried about the rain and wind that comes with her, but the safety of my friends and family on Oak Island is at the front of my mind this week. I also have a lot of great coworkers at the Miami Herald who are preparing for the storm.

Please say a prayer or think good thoughts or whatever it is that you prefer to do, for those who have been or will soon be impacted by Hurricane Irma. She's not messing around. And hey – if you are in the path of Hurricane Irma, PLEASE be careful! You are in my thoughts. 


1. Fall clothes. I am all about fall clothes all the time, so I was so excited when there was an actual chill in the air on Thursday and I could wear a Lularoe Irma with jeans and Converses and my favorite ever vest from J. Crew. (similar here) While I really haven't been paying much attention to anything other than this impending hurricane, I did a little bit of online window shopping last week and am loving the ruffle details and the color wine that are everywhere right now. Don't even get me started on all the boots and booties (I am loving these and these and these.)

2. Personality tests. My friend Samantha blogged about personality tests last week, and I decided to take a couple of them just to see what my results were. I am absolutely obsessed with these sorts of quizzes and really enjoyed taking the Big Five personality test (here) and the Myers-Briggs 16 Personalities test (which most people are familiar with, here). On the Big Five test, I scored low on open-mindedness, high on conscientiousness, high on extraversion, low on agreeableness and high on negative emotionality. And then on the Myers-Briggs test, I found out that I am an ESTJ (which is extraverted, observant, thinking, judging.) This hasn't taught me anything I didn't know about myself but it has helped me identify some places where I can work on my personality to be a better team player and coworker! I'll blog more about my personality tests sometime next week.

3. Target's A New Day leggings. I am 100% a Lularoe leggings girl, but unfortunately, they don't make enough black leggings to keep up with my demand for them. So I grabbed two pairs of the A New Day leggings from Target's new line last week, and they are a steal and super comfortable at $14.99 a pair! I tried on a ton of things from this new line when I was at the store and was really disappointed by this dress and all of the other items that I tried on – the fits and the fabrics just weren't quite right – but loved the leggings.


What are you loving this week? 


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