3 on Friday: What I'm loving and recommending this week

Friday, September 22, 2017

I am writing this on a flight to Sacramento for a very quick, whirlwind work trip – in on Wednesday evening, back on Friday night – and am honestly so, so, so tired. I don't know about y'all but when the seasons start to change and the temperature drops, I swear that I immediately get sick. It is like clockwork. And then, depending on my work schedule and my state of mind, it will take me forever to kick whatever I pick up.

And that is where I am this week. But I'm still in the weird not-full-on-sick-as-a-dog-but-not-feeling-100-percent stage, too. So, it's been fun, and my symptoms have definitely been exacerbated by the close quarters and the recycled air of this plane.

Anyway, I have more chipper things to talk about. Here is what I am absolutely loving this week.

• Patrick and I started this great podcast by the Cincinnati Enquirer called Accused. We just finished Up and Vanished by Payne Lindsay, and I was so angry about Payne's complete lack of journalistic ethics (and his complete obsession with himself and his ideals about journalistic ethics), his long monologues about himself and how he is the reason this crime got solved and his poorly timed sponsor messages.

But Accused, which is hosted by reporter Amber Hunt, is totally good and absolutely riveting. I am totally into it. If you like true crime podcasts, this one is worth a listen. It's about the case of Elizabeth Andes, who was killed in Ohio in 1978. The police decided her boyfriend killed her, and even after he was acquitted twice, once in a criminal court and once in a civil court, the police never continued investigating her case because they were convinced that her boyfriend did it. Now, 40 years later, they're trying to figure things out so the family can have closure.

• I finished a book this week that actually brought tears to my eyes – Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index. It's not rare for me to cry – in fact, almost every single episode of Hart of Dixie makes me cry, almost every single time I watch them – but books have to be especially emotional, since I usually read in public or with Patrick, who lovingly laughs his head off when I start to cry about some work of fiction. But I really loved Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index. There were a lot of loose ends at the end that kept it from getting a 5-star rating for me – I like books to be somewhere between no loose ends are tied and every loose end is tied up – but Juniper is a great character trying to find balance while still feeling overwhelmingly guilty about her sister dying in a car wreck. She doesn't know if it's OK to go on living her life, because if she forgets about Camilla, who will remember her? It was really, really, really good. All of the characters are well-developed and the dialogue is witty and fun.

Speaking of things that bring tears to my eyes... can we talk about what a great guilty pleasure show Hart of Dixie is? If you haven't binged this on Netflix yet, OMG. Go. Stop what you're doing. It is so worth it. I am going to see if I can download it for offline viewing on my iPad for the flight home from Sacramento. It is absolutely foolish but so delightful. Zoe Hart is the most cringe-worthy character but I swear, I cry all the time when I re-watch this show. I finished it for the third or fourth time last week and started it up again over the weekend. It's the perfect light show to watch when you just need to laugh and smile and, yes, of course, cry.


What are you loving this week?


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