I took two personality tests to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are

Friday, September 15, 2017
My best friend Samantha blogs at The Life You Love Blog and posted about a handful of personality tests at the end of August. I somehow managed to never actually take the Myers-Briggs test until college, even though I am exactly the kind of person who you'd think would be all over a personality test. I had to take the 16 Personalities test (better known as the Myers-Briggs test) for a work thing coming up, too, so I wanted to share my results and hear from y'all on your own Myers-Briggs and Big Five personality test results.


The Myers-Briggs test is more commonly used and bases the results off of four personality traits. (You've probably seen the acronyms before, and you may have already taken this test.) It doesn't take very much time at all.

The Big Five personality test lets you know how you score on the five fundamental dimensions of personality. This one doesn't have a fun acronym, so, bummer there, but it is a little bit more expansive, results-wise.


According to the Myers-Briggs test, I am an ESTJ, which is the executive personality. 

I am:
• 58 percent extraverted
• 96 percent observant
• 55 percent thinking
• 94 percent judging
• 77 percent turbulent

About 11 percent of the population is an ESTJ. 


Like I said, the Big Five test does not have a fun acronym, but here is how I scored on the OCEAN model. (Note: What I write below is what the test says, not how I actually feel about myself. We'll get to that.)

• I score low on open-mindedness – I am somewhat conventional.
• I scored high on conscientiousness – I am very well-organized and can be relied upon.
• I scored high on extraversion – I am extremely outgoing, social and energetic.
• I score freakishly low on agreeableness – I find it easy to criticize others.
• I score high on negative emotionality – I am a generally anxious person and tend to worry about things.


For the most part, I feel like my Myers-Briggs test is spot on. While I tend more towards extraversion, I can be introverted, and I do feel that I am very likely to tend towards observing and judging, rather than intuiting and prospecting. 

And this quote from my profile definitely stood out to me as, "Yep, for sure."

Executive personalities rise to the occasion and meet their obligations with enviable consistency.

As far as my Big Five personality test, I mostly agree with my results, but I am not sure why I scored so low on agreeableness. A high scorer is described as "good natured, sympathetic, forgiving, courteous" and a low scorer is described as "critical, rude, harsh, callous." I would put myself somewhere in the middle, not less agreeable than 99 percent of people who have taken this test.

As I expected, my weaknesses are being flexible, adjusting to changes in circumstances and worrying all the time. My strengths are planning, organizing and getting things done. 


What is your personality type? What other tests should I take?


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