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Monday, September 18, 2017
Happy Monday!

I have been having so much fun (unexpectedly) putting together weekly meal plans, planning out our grocery list and cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner in our house every day. We still go out to eat a decent amount, especially when we're on the road a lot on the weekends (like this week and last week, ZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZ) but cooking at home is getting a lot easier/a lot less stressful now that I've been doing it when I can.

I'm going to post sometime soon about what you'll always find on our grocery list, but I wanted to share my go-to dinners, the things I always pull from when I'm meal planning for me and Patrick. What's most important is that the recipes are affordable, easy and decently fast – but I also refuse to make any recipe that requires more than a handful of ingredients. While we're just cooking for two, it makes no sense to buy a lot of produce or other perishable products, and you can almost never buy a small enough quantity to make it justifiable.

1. This pesto chicken bake might be the easiest and most delicious dinner I have in my back pocket. If you're lazy like me, bake the chicken from frozen and serve with your favorite pasta – easy and filling. And Patrick likes it!

2. I am madly in love with the Frontera enchilada sauce and cook Mexican food at least once a week with these sauces. The taco sauces are delicious, too. I serve with cheesy rice (which I do buy boxed from the store) and our taco/enchilada fixings.

3. This super-duper easy sausage ranch quiche is only $1.50 per serving and perfect for reheating if you have leftovers. 

4. Turkey burgers and onion rings, fries or parmesan zucchini rounds. A weird quirk of mine is that I absolutely hate actual burgers, but I love turkey burgers! We eat turkey burgers at least once a week and they are cheap and easy.

5. When I'm eating on my own, I use my handy dandy grill pan and make a cheese quesadilla, which I serve with salsa and sour cream.


What are your go-to meals? Share your recipes!


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