I'm the kind of person who...

Friday, October 13, 2017
This post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers to follow along with, Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect. Her post is here. I thought this post would be a blast – and it was.

... would rather spend money on my dog than myself.

... pays every bill the minute I get it.

... watches the same shows over and over again instead of trying a new one.

... buys more books than I'm ever capable of reading.

... hates taking time out of my day to shower, dress up or do my hair. but...

.... loves dressing up.

... doesn't need an excuse to drop $50 at Target or HomeGoods.

... can't say no to a piece of candy... or a second... or a third...

... loves to tell stories and make people laugh.

... loves to laugh.

... writes the same word over and over on a piece of paper instead of doodling.

... listens to Disney movie and musical soundtracks while she works, cooks and drives.

... doesn't like any music she can't sing to.

... always wants to fix things.

... loves weddings.

... thinks dogs are ultimately superior to cats – not to mention humans.

... doesn't answer phone calls from unknown numbers.

... does a load of laundry every single day instead of doing it all at once.

... used to call soda pop but now exclusively says coke (because that's all she will drink).

... thinks there's nothing better in life than drinking a fountain soda with a straw.

... talks to her dog when there is no one else around.

... answers herself... as her dog.

... hates to exercise because she can't handle breathing heavy or getting hot.

... loves to be warm, and would do anything to avoid being cold.

... lacks most practical cooking skills and is learning on her own – which means she does stupid things like wash tomatoes with dish soap.

... wants to be the girl who keeps fresh flowers in her home but knows she'll never keep up with that.

... never, ever, ever washes her car.

... loves to vacuum and see how much dirt the vacuum she picked up.

... gets emotionally attached to characters in TV shows, movies and books.

... loves the smell of bookstores.

... wishes it rained more often so she could wear rain boots more often.

... loves the snow, as long as she doesn't have to be outside in it for more than a minute or two.

... writes things she's already done on a list, just to see them crossed off.

... can't stand the idea of being bored but loves to lounge on the couch and be lazy.


What do we have in common? What kind of person are you?


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