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Wednesday, October 04, 2017
I cannot say this enough – I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing about my favorite things from August. September is a short month, I suppose – by a whole day! – but it felt like a week, and I was not ready for October to come knocking so soon. When I was scheduling some things for the next couple of weeks, it took me a long time to convince myself that September 30 and October 1 were right next to each other on the calendar. 

September was the month when I started my new role as the editor of a five-reporter team with my company, so I spent most of the month prepping for the reporters to join the team and then training and coaching them once they did join. So, I swear I have excuses for how very busy I was this month. Also, for how many times I visited Dunkin Donuts this month.

Because this was such a blur of a month, I'll keep things short. Honestly, I barely remember what we got into in September.

Buying books.

I definitely loved buying books more than I loved reading books in September. (Not that I don't love reading books all the time, but something about buying books was big for me this month.) I only read three books in September (which is low for me, remember) but I bought at least a dozen books and checked out even more from the library. Buying books is becoming a bit of addiction. My shelves have never looked prettier. 

Fun patterns.

I am all about this adorable gingham dress and just everything gingham right now – not to mention buffalo checks, leopard, stripes... a little bit of everything, a little bit of anything. This adorable little gingham dress (with a cute bow-tie back!) is only $18, if you can believe it. I know that solids are must-have basics in every closet, but can we start a movement to make gingham a must-have basic? I know I will be.

Smile Brilliant.

I was so excited when a representative from Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying this product! I so was. My teeth and my smile have been serious issues of mine for a long time – I love my straight teeth and my dimples, but I am self-conscious about my smile because my teeth are often stained by coffee or soda. And I am not giving up the soda. I haven't gotten my molds for Smile Brilliant back yet, but I love that the whitening process is totally customized to your smile and your teeth, and the results I've seen from others have been AMAZING.

My fall wardrobe.

I am specifically loving my new utility puffer vest in a fabulous olive and am trying to wear it with everything, but I am in love with everything about fall clothes. If I could live in sweaters and vests and jeans and black leggings and booties and riding boots all year long – without sweating to death – I totally would. Unfortunately, global warming isn't a huge fan of my idea, because it is still 80 something degrees today in North Carolina. In October. What a world.


What did you fall in love with in September? Anything you want to recommend?


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