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Wednesday, October 25, 2017
This was my third purchase from Shein, and this time, I was looking for some tops and sweaters that I could wear through the fall and winter! I fell in love with a few of the sweaters I was seeing on Shein's website and decided it was time to place another order. My second order, I didn't write a review – a lot of the products weren't quite what I was hoping for so I returned most of them and had some money to spend this time around.

Shipping was super fast. I placed my order on October 13 and it was here by Thursday, so it only took six days. I'm always impressed, because some people say they've waited weeks before.

For sizing purposes: I usually wear a size 4 or a small in most tops, shirts and dresses. I am 5'7", also, and have had some length issues with dresses

I recommend reading my first post if you're curious about ordering from Shein before you do, but here are my basic tips:

1) You should have a dressmaker's tap measurer or be very familiar with your measurements.
2) Use PayPal in case anything is wrong with your order, because PayPal has better protections for customers than anyone around.
3) Always look for a coupon.
4) If it doesn't have reviews or pictures available, be wary.
5) Pay the extra fee for guaranteed returns. It's like $2 or something.

[Is Shein legit? My review of this too-good-to-be-true fast fashion site]

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Polka Dot Dip Hem Blouse

My size: Medium
Price: $13
Verdict: Kept

I am very glad I checked the sizing on this blouse and ordered up from my usual small to a medium, because I doubt the small would've even fit over my head. The medium was the perfect fit, but I definitely couldn't have gone any smaller. I didn't expect the fabric to be so stiff on this one, but I actually love the way the sleeves and the ruffles hang on me, and I love the fun polka-dotted print in black and white. This is worth it for me!

Navy Plaid Fringe Shawl Scarf

My size: N/A
Price: $14
Verdict: Kept

This might be the most worth it piece in my entire order. I am a scarf girl – I have so many scarves that I can wear a different one every day for an entire month without repeating – and was thrilled to find this adorable navy, burgundy and grey printed plaid scarf on Shein. I was doubly thrilled when it arrived and I found it to be super soft, not at all scratchy. 

Keyhole Tie Neck Bell Cuff Tiered Velvet Dress

My size: S
Price: $25
Verdict: Undecided

I don't know what to do with this one. It's hanging funny on me in the picture because it's super staticky, but I can't decide if a lack of static would make it better or... worse. The bell sleeves are kind of cute, but this might just be too dark for me to rock out and about. I was hoping it would be great for a winter wedding dress rehearsal but I think, at best, it would make for a nice Elvira costume. 

Dual Flap Pocket Ruffle Hem Jacket

My size: S
Price: $26
Verdict: Returned

I was really excited about this jacket but when I put it on... meh. I didn't cuff the sleeves like they're done in the picture, so maybe that would've changed my opinion, but the fit was too boxy for me and the size of the sleeves was off-putting. I probably could've gone with an XS and been happier with the fit but I don't like sizing down with Shein, most of the time, even when I know my measurements line up. This one had potential but I'm sending it back.

Roll Cuff Ruffle Trim Slub T-shirt

My size: S
Price: $11
Verdict: Kept

I already have this same shirt in grey, and I love it. I wear it all the time. My work uniform is almost always jeans or black leggings and a T-shirt, since I work from home and like to be comfortable at my desk and on the couch, and the ruffles on these T-shirts elevate them from simple shirts to super cute tops. I love wearing them to travel in, too, because when I show up at my work destination, I don't look like I traveled in a T-shirt and leggings even though, well, I did.

Bell Sleeve Cutout Back Babydoll Blouse

My size: S
Price: $16
Verdict: Kept

Looking at the photo on the site, I don't know why I was so surprised that the fabric was what it was, but I was expecting a Piko-like feel, instead of this polyester blend. But me not paying attention is not Shein's fault, and I like a good polyester blend almost as much as I like T-shirt material. The back surprised me because it is way open, which again, I should've noticed, but I also don't mind it. It's fun! This is a great blouse that just needs some de-staticking and it'll be good to go. 

Crossover Back Marled Knit T-shirt

My size: S
Price: $9
Verdict: Kept

(Thanks for crashing the frame, Theo.) This might be one of the best purchases I've made in October – this and the scarf above. I absolutely love the feel of this shirt and it was the first piece from the box that I wore out and about. The back is way higher than it shows in the picture (the fabric crosses over right at my bra strap in mid-back instead of closer to the lower back as shown) so if you're uncomfortable showing that much skin, be wary. But again, I don't care. I love it and it's super comfortable. The fabric is A+. And it's under $10? Amazing.


Have you tried Shein or another similar fast fashion site? What was your experience? 


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