25 before 25

Monday, November 20, 2017
I cannot believe that this week – Thursday, if you were wondering – is my 24th birthday! Everyone tells me that birthdays get more and more boring after you turn 21, and maybe that's true, but I always love celebrating my birthday and all of the things that come with it – some people call January 1 a new start, but I love to start fresh with a new list of goals and resolutions on my birthday!

This year, I wanted to make two lists – this is the first of two! My birthday is on Thursday, and on that day, I will start working towards my 25 before 25 list. And on January 1, I will start my 101 in 1001 list! (And hopefully the two won't overlap too much, but maybe they will.)

1. Read 50 books.
2. Visit 5 new cities.
3. Go to Europe.
4. Try 25 new restaurants.
5. Start attending a fitness class.
6. Try 25 new recipes.
7. Explore a new city in the U.S.
8. Edit my 2017 NaNoWriMo novel.
9. Volunteer my (and Theo's, maybe!) time.
10. Become a morning person.
11. See a play.
12. Learn to sew. (Again.)
13. Declutter my life and my possessions.
14. Master making coffee at home.
15. Host a Super Bowl party.
16. Master handlettering.
17. Start investing.
18. Stop biting my nails.
19. Go to a UNC basketball game.
20. Cook a turkey for Friendsgiving.
21. Make my blog more profitable.
22. Frame and hang more photos.
23. Celebrate Theo's first birthday (February 17, 2018).
24. Celebrate our 4-year anniversary (May 25, 2018).
25. Throw a 25th birthday party for Patrick (August 24, 2018).


What's on your bucket list before your next birthday?


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