my November goals + how I did on my October goals

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

November is my hands-down favorite month of the year for a few reasons. I already did an ode to November in my Monday newsletter but I'm back again with my five reasons for loving November more than any other month.


1) By November, the weather usually has its act together, and it is really, truly, 100 percent fall. Sometimes, a little winter creeps in, but it is usually fall.
2) I can eat soup for every single meal and not roast to death.
3) Everything starts being cheaper in November. Have y'all noticed that? I know Black Friday is when all the sales start but once November 1 hits the sales everywhere get better. I get better deals before Black Friday than I do on Black Friday most of the time! (And we all know how I am with shopping.)
4) Thanksgiving is the best holiday. No question.

And this year is the best year of all because only every few years do my birthday and Thanksgiving coincide. Watch me happy dance all over the place this month. I can't get over it.


Read 5 books. I checked a few had-to-read books off of my list this October and read six books this month. I finished ALL THE DIRTY PARTS by Daniel Handler, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by Gregory Scott Katsoulis, TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN by John Green, EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES by Laura Dave, WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI by Sandhya Menon and HOW TO FIND LOVE IN A BOOKSHOP by Veronica Henry. It's very rare for me to have two five-star reads in one month because 1) I haven't been reading that much lately and 2) I am incredibly picky and 3) I often waste time on books I know I'm not into because I hate putting down books that I'm not liking.

Drink a glass of water every morning as soon as I wake up. I did not do this every single day (there are 31 days in October, that would be a lot!) but I will say that I made a conscious effort to drink more water every day and started refilling my 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler at least twice a day during the week. On weekends, I'm worse and drink more soda and coffee, but I try to drink one 24 oz. tumbler of water for every iced coffee from Dunkin. 

Blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. I am pretty excited because October was the first full month where I decided I would blog three times a week instead of five times a week, and it was a more successful system for me that I was able to achieve in October!

Map out my chapter outline for NaNoWriMo. I did not outline my chapters for NaNo, but I did spend about 30 minutes (at least) each day planning my novel 


• Read 5 books in November. I read five books in October so I am hoping I will be able to do the same in November, especially since I will have some days off at the end of the month for my Thanksgiving vacation! I have so many books on my shelf that I am dying to read.

• Start and finish National Novel Writing Month by writing 50,000 words in 30 days. This goal is so important to me. I am so excited to start NaNoWriMo this year and to hopefully (hopefully!) win. I haven't won since 2012 so it would be huge for me to do it this year!

• Drink 64 ounces of water every day, and limit myself to one caffeinated/non-water beverage a day. Drinking a glass of water every morning when I wake up is the goal, but if I drink 64 ounces a day, I'll be happy! My Corksicle tumbler and my Tervis tumbler are both 24 ounces so if I drink three of those, I will be more than set.

• Blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. I want to keep this up in November, even though (or in spite of) this month is my busiest every year, with NaNoWriMo, my birthday, Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas. (Because I do start early.) I am starting by getting ahead and trying to draft two or three posts every weekend so I'm ahead of the curve when I can be!

• Turn my phone off (or put it away) one hour before bedtime. This was something I started about halfway through October but was inconsistent with. My bedtime is not very consistent but I do try to go to bed between 11 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. (which is not consistent enough for the internet advice givers). So, I've set an alarm for an hour before that to turn off or put away my phone. I can read, take a shower or fold laundry, but I am not touching my phone (or laptop, for that matter) before bed. That's the plan anyway.


Do you have any goals for this month?


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