[review] Stitch Fix, October 2017

Friday, November 03, 2017
This is my fifth Stitch Fix since October 2016 (I took a very long hiatus). I got an email last week offering to waive the $25 Stitch Fix fee and decided I would give Stitch Fix another shot, even though the last Fix I received before I decided (angrily!) to give it up was absolutely awful and not at all what I was looking for.

If you've never tried Stitch Fix, it is a subscription service that selects clothing for you based on your social media profiles and style profile. You get to try on the pieces and decide what you'll keep and return, and you'll be charged a $25 styling fee plus the cost of the items you keep. If you keep everything, you get a 25 percent discount.

Interested in signing up? Click here.

This time, I made sure to be very specific in my style profile (I took the quiz over just in case) and in my message to my stylist, and I dedicated a good hour to pinning things that were totally me

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41 Hawthorn Aisla Split Neck Tie Sleeve Pullover, $64

I will do a lot of things and pay a lot of money for a good sweater. I would say out of everything in my closet, the one thing I will pay full price for usually is a good sweater – I won't even pay full price for a pair of boots, my favorite vice.  So I joyously tried on this soft and comfortable charcoal grey sweater with adorable sleeve detail – I love the bell sleeve AND the bow! Neither detail is too overdone – I like to be low key trendy when I'm being trendy – so I can keep wearing this sweater long after the statement and ruffle sleeves are out. I'm already worried about washing instructions for this one but I know I will wear it again and again and again.

Verdict: Kept

41 Hawthorn Jahana Cargo Vest, $68

I love this vest and I've been wanting to add a cargo vest to my closet for a while. This one is great quality and has a nice hood and two nicely sized pockets, so I'm happy. This is definitely something my stylist noticed I was eyeing when she checked out my Pinterest profile, so I'm glad I spent some time pinning things. I'm surprised I didn't receive more dark wash denim and black-and-white striped t-shirts because that seems to be all that I pinned besides a utility vest.

Verdict: Kept

Articles of Society Tiana Skinny Jean, $64

I am just so unsure about these jeans. As far as the fit goes, they're perfect, and they're about the same length as my current favorite jeans (I've never found a pair of jeans that wasn't too long or too short on me, but this is as close to perfect as I can get) with a little bit of extra fabric at my ankle. I would love a pair of jeans that didn't need cuffing, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards for me. My issue with these skinny jeans is that they're black, and Theo is furry, and I always end up covered in lint. I have lint brushes, but I hate walking around looking like a furball exploded on my clothes. For that reason, I rarely, rarely, rarely wear black pants that aren't leggings. 

Verdict: Kept

REV Niki Double Ruffle Sleeve Knit Sweatshirt, $58

This is a mighty expensive sweatshirt. I fell in love with the dusty rose color and the fun sleeves when I saw this on my Stitch Fix profile (before I received my box, I definitely peeked). When I tried it on, I was a little bummed – I expected it to be soft and it is not that soft, but it's a fun and comfy sweatshirt that I know I will wear a lot this fall and winter.

Verdict: Kept

41 Hawthorn Selmin Woven Back Knit Top, $58

This is the one piece that I was the most meh about it in my entire box, but when I put it on, I was pretty pleased with it! The back is super cute – I love stripes and kelly green! – and it's soft and tunic-length, so even though $58 is a little crazy for what is basically a t-shirt, it's worth it with the 25 percent discount on the box.

Verdict: Kept


The total value of my Stitch Fix was $312. Remember – if you keep everything in the box, you'll save 25 percent. (Often times, if I'm on the fence with one or two items, I go ahead and buy everything because the price ends up being the same.) Your $25 styling fee is also put towards the total of your box. 

In this case, I would save $78 by buying all five pieces and would only save $64 if I sent the black jeans back, so I am buying everything in my Fix this time.

Have you tried Stitch Fix or another styling service? What were your experiences?


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