32 things I am not very good at

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I post all the time about organizing, productivity, planning, time blocking, getting work done... All things I would consider myself very good at. But hey. This is my blog, and I am a real human, and the truth of the matter is, while I am good at some things, I am also very, very, very bad at some things. Some of those things I am working on getting better at. Other things, I've pretty much given up and I'll come back to those later. There aren't enough hours in the day to be good at everything.

Now, that doesn't mean I don't sometimes think I should be great at everything. The temptation to strive for perfection is heavy and delicious and hard to ignore for someone like me – the very definition of a perfectionist.

But here are 32 things that I am, in fact, not very good at.

1. Putting on eye liner.
2. Waking up on time.
3. Saying no.
4. Throwing things away.
5. Holding myself to a budget when it comes to gift-giving.
6. Resisting free shipping.
7. Taking off makeup at the end of the day.
8. Navigating in unfamiliar places.
9. Cleaning up after myself in the kitchen.
10. Decorating my house.
11. Taking selfies.
12. Getting ready before noon.
13. Hanging pictures on the wall.
14. Getting out of bed.
15. Accessorizing.
16. Drawing straight lines, even with a ruler.
17. Unpacking suitcases.
18. Watching movies.
19. Reading magazines.
20. Exercising, in any form.
21. Putting the trash out on time. 
22. Finishing my unread books before buying a new one.
23. Taking down the Christmas tree before the next Christmas.
24. Arriving to meetings on time.
25. Not arriving at the airport 3+ hours early.
26. Going through the security line at airports.
27. SnapChat.
28. Writing short emails.
29. Staying on topic in meetings.
30. Saying no to salespeople.
31. Remembering to call or email or text people back.
32. Sticking to my grocery list.


What are some things you are not very good at?


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