my goals for January 2018

Monday, January 08, 2018

I love new years and new resolutions and new goals so much I could talk about them for an entire month. And perhaps I will.

Like I said on the first day of the year, my words for 2018 are focus and mindfulness. I am trying to be more in the moment while also accomplishing more and not allowing myself to get distracted from my goals in 2018. I have a lot that I want to achieve this year and I don't have time to get distracted!

how I did in December

• Read 5 books in December. 

• Drink 16 oz. of water for every caffeinated beverage I drink every day.

• Clear my to do list of things I have been putting off before the new year. 

• Clean out my closet. 

I was really optimistic in December, but here's the deal: Out of 31 days in December, I was home for maybe 14 of them. When I wasn't working, I was working on LipSense, catching up on must-needed sleep as I fought off the beginnings of a cold or spending time with family. I'm not upset about any of those things, although I wish my goals hadn't completely fallen by the wayside. But hey! It's 2018! A new year, a new me. Sorta. I like the old me, just fine.

what I want to do in January

• Walk Theo every weekday. I will be honest and say that it is January 5 and I have walked Theo 0 times so far, so this is going... not well. It's COLD, y'all. I take Theo outside and everything but we really just do our business and come back inside for a rousing game of fetch or tug or "eat Mommy's arm." All of his favorite things. He is not being neglected! Just not walked, either. Maybe next week.

• Cook dinner 4 times a week. I got many new cooking tools and gadgets for Christmas, so I want to put them to good use and cook as much as I can. I also just love spending an hour in the kitchen working on dinner – quick meals are great, but that hour in the kitchen can be really relaxing for me.

• Read 10 books. I am already two books in for January, so I want to keep that momentum going and read 10 books this month. I have several ebooks loaded for my flight to Fort Worth and a bookshelf full of things I have yet to read, so I am ready to hit my 100 book goal for 2018.

• Purge my closet. I have too many things I don't wear and don't like and not enough room for new stuff that I will wear and I do like. Time to change that!

• Digitize my closet. One of my friends digitized her closet with an app so I am hopping on that train and doing that in 2018, too! I want to do a better job of rotating in and out what I wear and not wearing the same outfits every single day. We all have a uniform, and I know mine way too well. Striped shirt, vest, jeans. Predictability is my name, boring outfits are my game.


What are your goals for January? Any new resolutions?


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