the LipSense colors that are part of my every day routine [+ a giveaway!]

Wednesday, January 03, 2018
Let me tell y'all a secret:

I. Hate. Makeup.

That's right.

I do.

I said it.

It's awful. It wipes off. It gets everywhere. When I would put my whole face on, I would have makeup on my boyfriend's clothes, my Starbucks cup, my hands, my dog, my car, my purse. Everything. And yes, I was probably doing a lot of it wrong, but I am clumsy, I like to eat and I touch my face and mouth a lot more than I should.

So makeup was my enemy. Still is, except...


Disclaimer: I became a SeneGence independent distributor in December, but I would never represent, advocate for or try to sell any brands or products that I didn't 100 percent love and believe in. 

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite LipSense colors (there are 50 total, and I have only tried 10-12 of them myself!) that I have tried so far. And at the end, enter to win a FREE LipSense color + gloss so you can try it for yourself.

Quick and dirty LipSense info:

• One tube of LipSense costs $25. If you're new to LipSense, you'll also want our gloss to seal the color – that's $20! But one tube of LipSense = 4 to 6 tubes of regular lipstick and lasts WAY longer during the day, so there are serious cost benefits to it, if I do say so myself.

• We have 50 colors, ranging from neutrals to bolds, warms to cools, frosts to shimmers to matte. There is something for everyone.

• The color really is long lasting! Unless you use Micellar water, coconut oil, makeup remover wipes or our Ooops! Remover, it is not coming off. Seriously.

Bella is a creamy, neutral brownish-mauve shade with a matte finish. I love Bella because it gives me my berry fix and is my idea of a basic color (for some people, Bella is bold, and that's OK!) It also goes on super easily and is one of my longest-lasting colors. (Some colors do last longer than others! I tend to put Bella on in the morning and wake up with full lips 24 hours later!)

Every girl needs a bold red, and Fly Girl, a deep, warm cherry red with a matte finish, is my bold red. (We also have a cool-toned red that a lot of my cool-toned ladies love!) Honestly, if you want to feel like you can do anything, you need red lipstick.

I did not think I would ever love a brown lip, but here I am, loving Glam Doll, a neutral, earthy brown with a matte finish. It is one of our limited edition colors but it is so fierce I wish we had it in stock on the reg.

Honey Rose is the color I turn to when I'm feeling ladylike and want a nice pink. This is a rose gold with an amber frost and it is gorgeous with all of the gloss pairings. This is a great warm color, and I am warm toned! 

Napa is my toned-down berry shade for days when I don't want to wear my all-time favorite LipSense color, which is coming up next. This is a frosty, deep berry pink with a great shimmer. I just love berry shades for everyday bold wear, y'all.

And then there's Plum. This is the color that got me hooked on LipSense! Plum is a cool, velvety berry burgundy, and it is my favorite color to rock with winter and fall shades. I am sure I will find a way to rock it in the summer, too, but this is the best with navy and olive green and caramel brown – my favorite fall colors – not to mention just plain black!

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Do you have a favorite lip color / brand of lip color? Share in the comments! 


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