happy birthday, theo. [the theo story]

Saturday, February 17, 2018
It's my best friend's first birthday, and because I am both overdramatic and obsessed with Theo, I wanted to dedicate a lot of words to my demonic, beloved creature. We haven't had Theo in our lives for a full year, although I can't remember life without him, but he was born on February 17, 2017.

This dog is so remarkable. He is so smart and yet ridiculously dopey. He's learning to bring things to us on command and recognize things by name. He has a good heart and loves everyone he meets, although he has a preference for blondes that I always laugh about. He's rotten to the core and ornery as heck, but he is sweet and good and loving. He spends most of his days within a few inches of me. If he's not right next to me, he's right next to Pat. He is snuggly and warm and loves to steal blankets off of us when we sit on the couch and hates when there isn't enough room for him right. between. us.

He is the best decision we've ever made.

Happy birthday, my little tater tot.

Now, on to the Theo story.


Last year (or was it December of 2016?) a Facebook friend who I'd met through work of mine adopted a dog from an animal shelter. Her name was (is!) Annie, and she was a Pomeranian mixed with who knows what. But Annie was getting chunky, and after a little while they learned that she was going to have a litter of puppies. (They'd adopted her from the shelter and she had to have been already pregnant at that time. She has now been spayed and is living it up with her siblings and one of her sons!)

Fast forward to one of the first times we laid eyes on Theo. (This photo is lifted from a screenshot from Jill's Facebook Live video. One of many. Thankful for her videos because I was obsessed with these puppies from the beginning!)

From the minute I saw photos, I knew one of these little puppies had to be mine.

Pat was skeptical. I was obsessed. But look at those faces!

Let's be clear: I adamantly said, after watching multiple Facebook Live videos where one of the six puppies would seat himself in his water bowl (it was the same one every time!), that I didn't want "the dumb one."

We drove from Charlotte to downtown Raleigh on April 20, 2017, to pick one of five of Annie's puppies. (Gus Gus, the chunky orange tater tot who we all loved dearly, stayed with Jill! He is still very cute, but not nearly as chunky as Theo is now. We'll get there later.)

Needless to say, "the dumb one" chose us.

Not much has changed about Theo "Sad Eyes" Pinson-Ladisic-James since Day One. He's still very...

• hungry.
• talkative.
• rude.
• clingy.
• smarter than his humans.
• insanely friendly.
• clumsy.
• fluffy.
• adorable.

We adopted him at 8 pounds, and he now weighs 35. We have no idea what breed he is. 

Theo loves...

Blonde people.
Our apartment's maintenance staff.
Looking out the window.
Sleeping from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. every day.
When his parents mix warm water with his kibble.
Skineez toys (which he can't be trusted with anymore).
Tennis balls.
His Kong.
Knee caps.
Hardwood floors.
To be touching his parents, constantly.
Puppy school and both of his trainers.
The vet.
Going to Dunkin' Donuts with his mom.
Long car rides in his hammock.
Paper products.
Belly rubs.

Theo hates...

Being ignored.
Being brushed.
When his parents leave without him.
When his parents try to load the car before he's in it.
The Roomba.
When the window is closed.
The garbage people.
Sharing the bed and the couch with both humans.
Hula hoops.

Theo's favorite foods are...

Bright blue star-shaped cookies from the Petco treat bar.
Duck sausages.
His parents.

Theo's hobbies are...

Guarding the apartment from the Roomba.
Knocking tennis balls under the couch.
Keeping his parents in line.
Preventing anyone from using a blanket without his knowledge and permission.
Staring out the window.
Getting stuck in his Jolly Ball.



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