my goals for february (and how I did in january!)

Friday, February 02, 2018
Happy February, y'all!

I have been a ghost blogger most of this past month, and I figure I will stay at least somewhat inconsistent and ghost-y for the rest of forever. But I'd like to be a little more consistent, if I can. It's a big if. My new plan is to post on Mondays and Fridays, which is only 8-9 posts a month, depending on how long the month is. That seems doable! And then I can squeeze additional posts in when I wish.

Those of you who post 5 times a week... you're far more impressive than I.

If you do enjoy keeping up with me at all, I am way more active in my Facebook group and even on my Instagram. Come join me!


• Walk Theo every weekday. LOL.

• Cook dinner 4 times a week. I loved cooking so much in January! I hate leaving Theo at home, and eating out all the time is so expensive. This made our times eating out a little more special and fun – we'd get an appetizer and enjoy ourselves, instead of just gobbling something kind of acceptable down in a hurry. Most of the time, anyway. A few nights I was so tired and worked-out that I

• Read 10 books. I read 11 books in January, putting me 3 books ahead of schedule, and I would say that January was an especially good month for books for me. FIVE books got well-deserved 5-star reviews (which I rarely gave out in 2017!) and my least favorite book of January (THE HAZEL WOOD) was a 3-star read for me. All in all, a good month. I'll blog more next week about my books!

• Purge my closet. I started this and made it through about a fourth of my closet before I gave up and never started it again.

• Digitize my closet. Because purging my closet was necessary to complete before I digitized my closet, I didn't get very far here.


No extraneous/unnecessary spending in February. I am cutting myself off from going to HomeGoods and Marshall's and Old Navy, damn it. I am only allowing myself to spend on books and on Patrick's Valentine's Day gift. We are going on a huge vacation in July and I want to save money for that trip and for clothes & things I will need before we leave!

• Save $250. Hoping if I follow through with Goal No. 1, I will have no issues with this!

• Read 10 books. February is a whole three days shorter than January, but I think with a trip to Atlanta on the calendar (that's air time, y'all!) I can definitely achieve reading greatness two months in a row. Some people do think I read books so quickly just to hit my Goodreads goal, but I have always been a fast reader, even before Goodreads! And I love every second of it! 

• Blog twice a week. Like I said earlier, I want to post every Monday and Friday. I think that's a doable goal, and I can still make sure to write and create content each week, which is important to me!

• Hit my LipSense sales & recruiting goals. I won't bore you with the details, but I am trying to hit my LipSense goals out of the park in February! I did a great job with my sales goals in January but didn't get where I wanted to be with recruiting, so here's to a new month to try again.


What are your goals for the month? Any tips for helping me achieve mine?


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