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Friday, February 09, 2018

I rarely post gift guides, although I actually love to do them – I start gathering gift ideas and then get stressed because pictures are harder to gather then I thought they would. But I have already started thinking about the perfect gifts to get Patrick this year for Valentine's Day and wanted to do a roundup of potential gifts for your guy that – if you ask me – should have a 99.9% success rate.

Gift guides for men get me riled up in the worst way because most of the time, Patrick would never like any of the things on the list. He doesn't care if something is monogrammed. He doesn't grill. He doesn't have a beard. (Why do all men's gift guides feature beard accessories? I swear.) He doesn't like high tech gadgets, and he doesn't really game, either. His favorite things in this world are fuzzy socks and NFL football. His drawers are now full of socks – now that everyone in the family is onto his love of socks – and I can't buy him the Carolina Panthers, so I have to get a little more creative than that.

None of the gifts I feature below are in the running for Pat's Valentine's Day gift, so nice try, Pat, if you think you've got me figured out this year. In fact, a lot of these gifts are things he already has and loves – and I think your guy would like them too!

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links, and I may make a small amount of $$$ if you click and/or make a purchase.

A True Grit pullover or vest. I got this for Pat for Christmas, not knowing how he'd feel about it, but much to my surprise and joy, he loves it. It is truly the softest thing and washes up so well.

Noise-cancelling headphones. I have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones myself and they are lifesavers.

Allbirds wool sneakers. These are the coolest sneakers ever.

Warm or fun dress socks. (Or warm AND fun dress socks) Pat loves socks. These Columbia socks are some of his favorites.

Gloves. Gloves are so easy to lose, but when you don't have them, you really miss them. Make sure your guy has a pair for that middle-of-February-surprise-it's-still-winter freeze.

A leather backpack. Pat's leather backpack is his most beloved and used item he owns. It isn't monogrammed, either. I feel like that's important to know.

Leather "dress sneakers." These are pricey but they look so sharp. Dress sneakers that are

A leather camera strap. If your guy shoots as many photos as mine does, this would be a sweet, heartfelt gift!

A quality pair of sunglasses. I love having nice sunglasses and feel like men do (or should!) too. It really makes a difference!

Tile item trackers. One of the smarter gifts I picked up for Pat this past Christmas. He was losing his recorder a few times a month and texting me in a panic – but no more!

Amazon Echo or Google Home, with smart plugs, too. This is gift for you and your guy – make your life easier! Turn on the light from the couch! Play Pandora all day and ask Alexa what the weather is and how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon!


Any other great ideas for Valentine's Day for the men in your life? I'd love to hear your ideas and recommendations!


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