[review] Stitch Fix, March 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018
Time for a Stitch Fix review! I have been super lapse on my StitchFix reviews lately, but this is one of my favorite services that I subscribe to and I can't recommend it enough 99.9% of the time. I just spent $49 on Stitch Fix Style Pass, which is a full year of unlimited fixes for no fees – and I got the $49 back in credit on items in this fix.

If you've never heard of Stitch Fix, it is a subscription styling service. You pay a $20 styling fee and your stylist sends you 5 pieces customized to your tastes and needs. There is an extensive style profile for you to fill out and you can send your stylist a note with more details or requests! The items range in price depending on your preferences – I set mine at "the cheaper, the better."

The $20 styling fee is put towards any items from your box you decide to keep, and you also get a 25% discount if you keep everything in the box! 

Interested? Sign up here!

Disclaimer: The links in this post may be affiliate links, so I may make some money if you click or make a purchase.

good hYOUman Brooke printed ruched detail leggings in cobalt
Price: $69
Verdict: Kept

I personally requested another pair of these leggings of my StitchFix stylist. I was bummed that I got the blue and not another pair of black, but these are the softest and most flattering leggings I have ever worn. They don't ride up ever and look great with a blouse or just a T-shirt. 

RD Style Chara boucle open cardigan in off-white
Price: $74
Verdict: Kept

My first thought: "This is the most granny-looking cardigan I have ever seen."

And then I realized, "Hey, I am a granny."

This sweater is not soft, but it is cozy and thick, yet it still breathes. I wore it to work on a chilly day and didn't need a coat. It's pricy for a cardigan but I'm happy to get a lot of wear out of it.

Tommy Hilfiger Mellva zip-up knit hoodie in light grey
Price: $68
Verdict: Returned

I almost didn't even put this on. I knew there was no point. Where did I go wrong with my stylist to think she should send me a $68 athletic hoodie? Bizarre. I didn't even consider this for a second.

Vince Camuto Loise button down top in olive
Price: $98
Verdict: Returned

$98 for a button down? Y'all. I know Stitch Fix items tend to be pricier than what I might buy for myself usually but... I'm not crazy.

The sleeves were a little too loose, too, and I have a similar shirt in my closet. This shirt was incredibly soft and one of my favorite colors, but not worth it!

Market & Spruce Meg knit dress in white and grey
Price: $58
Verdict: Returned

I am kind of regretting returning this because this was a cute dress, and I can't blame my stylist for thinking it would be a total hit. It fit nicely and hit me at a great length, and I love stripes and the color grey. But I am trying to resist buying things that I wouldn't wear on their own, and I am really weird about tank tops these days – I almost always wear something over them, even in the heat of the summer. I don't like to get sunburned!


So, that was my March 2018 Stitch Fix. (I time traveled back to 2017 when I originally typed this post, and left it like that until right before publishing. Sigh. It takes me a while to get used to a new year!)

I think I am a little bit addicted to Stitch Fix right now, so I am hoping the one I just scheduled for next week will be better!

Do you get Stitch Fix or another clothing subscription service, or have you tried one? How do you like it? If not, what's holding you back?


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