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Friday, March 16, 2018

It's already the second week of March – isn't that insane?

I've been planning a lot of things and a lot of things have come across my desk or my inbox that will need to happen in April – getting my car inspected, for example, and Patrick and I are going to a Jimmy Buffett concert with his parents – and I've been thinking all year that April was decades away. Ummm it's somehow only 16 days away. How and when did that happen?

• I was a little skeptical about this cardigan when I first tried it on in my StitchFix this month, and I decided to keep it because I love cardigans so much and because I liked how light yet sturdy the fabric was. Well. I have worn it every. single. day. since the box arrived on Friday. I wear it all over the house during the day (I run colder than Patrick, always, and it's easier for me to layer than for him to walk around half-dressed, ha!) and on the last few colder days, to work and on errands under my coat. Now that it's gotten a little warmer again, this is what I reach for to take Theo outside. So, I'm glad I kept it.

• I have been spending so much time on Instagram watching everyone's Instagram Stories. Am I totally behind? (As usual.) Why are these so much fun? My favorites are @carly, @lonestarsouthern and @brightonkeller. I could watch for HOURS. (And I probably would.) I am also doing more of my own Instagram Stories and have been doing shopping hauls & other fun things whenever I have a chance!

• I got my hair done again and added even more blonde! (And hello, little piece in front that has a mind of its own and is going red? Unsurprising.) I had a ton of blonde in the back but not as much in the front, so I went back to the salon to go a little brighter and I think this is exactly where I'm going to stay! And my hair is finally starting to go back to a length that doesn't make me want to scream. What was I thinking cutting it so short?!

• I got my Spring 2018 FabFitFun box on Thursday, and I am so excited! A lot of people were really bummed about this box, but considering I paid $49.99 for the box and the clutch, earrings and candle total up to way more than that, not even considering the other items... I'm happy! I'm trading some of the skincare & makeup items with my mom for a crossbody purse that came in her FabFitFun starter box but am really excited about the Rachel Pally clutch, the earrings (which I got to pick), the candle which smells AMAZING and is a gorgeous copper and the lip masks – because I'm all about my lippies these days.



... reading: To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo. SO GOOD.

... listening: Audiobooks and my Hipster Cocktail Party Pandora playlist are getting me through the day. But it is almost spring which means it's country music with the windows down season!

... eating: Pita bread & Trader Joe's roasted garlic hummus. YUM. Oh, and bagels with cream cheese and a heavy sprinkling of TJ's Everything Bagel seasoning. 

... drinking: Water with lemon slices. This is one of my favorite things and I have not been drinking enough water lately. 

... wanting: A pair of Tieks. Am I crazy? Are they totally not worth it?

... loving: March Madness. 

... watching: Planet Earth II. Y'all. I cannot tell you how excited I am that this exists. 

What is on your radar this week?


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