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Through this blog, I want to push myself to live the life that I want, to achieve my goals and to reach the success that I want for myself. And I also want to push you, the reader, too. Whether it's the perfectly organized closet or an application for your dream job, I want to help you get to where you want to be. 

I am a 23-year-old Tar Heel living in Chapel Hill, N.C. with my boyfriend and my dog. I'm on a journey to figure life out and live my best life. I'm the goal-oriented, Type A girl in every meeting with a notebook and an assortment of colored pens. 

I graduated from the glorious University of North Carolina in May 2016 with a degree in journalism and political science, and now I work in social media and engagement for McClatchy, a California-based media company that owns 30 local news organizations in the United States – including The Charlotte Observer, where I got my start. Most people don't love their job – but I do. I love my job and I love our mission, and I love that I get to live my day dream every single day.

My boyfriend is living his day dream, too. He's covering UNC, the team that brought us together three years ago, and tolerating me as much as he can, day by day.

You'll find me taking our Pomeranian mix, Theodore – named after my beloved Theo Pinson – to Petco or the Starbucks drive-through, shopping for deals at TJ Maxx, trolling the home decor shelves at Target or frequenting any restaurant in the Triangle with a boozy brunch. 

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